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Clever Hands' The Journal Bandolier

[jour.nal ban.do.lier n.] a strap fitted with small loops for carrying pens, pencils, and other handy tools wrapped around a journal, planner, or other book.

Best Idea, except I can guarantee I'm still going to loose all the pens.

Palm Beach Sketch

A few months back we were asked to dream a house on a non de-script lot in city of Palm Beach.  With neighbors close, hedges high and no sign of the ocean, we created our own focal point.  Opening the center of the site up and pressing the house to its setbacks created a home that feels like a hotel but is as private as a your own island.


New Acquisitions and Mandatory Reading

The BEST advice from one of the highest recommended architecture books we know.  Rules and Examples of Perspective by Andrea Pozzo; Rome, 1693.

-as recommended by Christopher Wren, John Vanbrugh and Nicholas Hawksmoor

Jacob Brillhart

Jacob Brillhart spent the last 4 years "in a feverish need to escape the confines of his computer, setting out on a European road trip to rediscover the forgotten practice of drawing on the road, using Le Corbusier's detailed sketchbooks as his sole travel guide."

Now if we could only get away from the office long enough to walk around even Brooklyn (aside from the 15 degree weather today)....

His work is now on exhibition at the Art Center, South Florida in Miami Beach.


Classes Start TONIGHT with Richard Cameron and Andy Taylor at the ICA&CA

Following In The Footsteps Of Magonigle: An Atelier In India Ink Wash, Toned Ink And Full Color Architectural Rendering Register Now!

24 sessions, February 9–May 7; Wednesdays, 6:00–9:00PM and Saturdays, 1:00–4:00PM

This course will be an on-going atelier in the study of Architectural Rendering in Wash. The course will introduce the beginner to the traditional architectural rendering method of India ink and toned ink. It will also guide students of previous courses in this subject along the path of H. Van Buren Magonigle’s detailed lessons in toned ink and full color wash rendering in an atelier environment.

Classes will be conducted twice a week. While no prior experience is required, participants at all levels will be expected to follow along in a rigorous and disciplined manner. Students can choose which of the twenty-four sessions they attend as long as they meet the minimum requirement of completing six sessions by the end of the course.

Among the topics covered are materials, India Ink wash, toned ink wash, full color wash, casting of shades and shadows, atmospheric perspective, and sheet composition using examples of the Beaux Arts drawing type, the analytique. Classes are conducted primarily in a studio format, with formal lectures, hands on teaching, and demonstrations.



Paper Trianon

We're about to start building a real one, but we figure paper is good training ground.

courtesy of
Architect Design


Google launched Google Arts Project today, bringing their Street View technology into some of the most stunning art museums around the globe. You can virtually walk around, zoom in on artwork, etc. Very cool!