Desk Voyeur: Richard Cameron

Monday, May 8th 3:55 pm
Sometimes the art and designs we make produce fairly interesting desk scapes.  Here's the first of what hopefully is a series of photos around the office of what happens outside of the paper/canvas.


Est Magazine

I'm not sure if this falls under the irrational 'anything from the other side of the world is cool' category or it just is really good. Today's new find: Est Magazine, an online only Australian based magazine that just hit 1 year old. Teaching me things I hadn't known about New York, real v. fake Caravaggios, and a couple great home interiors.. Lonny mag please rebut..


Secret Garden, Versailles

Incredible video shot at Versailles (and some Dior models) The garden is especially amazing, but that could be the product of what's currently being designed in the office...


June Architectural Digest Delivery

Our boxes of Architectural Digest arrived. Parker is thrilled.

Architectural Digest June 2012 featuring Ravenwood

Richard Cameron and Jason Grimes' 5 year adventure in designing M. Night Shyamalan's Home outside of Philadelphia is featured in June's Architectural Digest.  A partial article and images are on Digest's website. Pick up a copy at your newsstand for the full spread.

Home Design by Richard Cameron & Jason Grimes
Interior Design by DKDA
Landscape Design by Barbara Paca PH.D.
Construction by The I.Grace Company

Written by David Colman
Photography by Eric Piasecki
Produced by Robert Rufino