When Richard Cameron and Jason Grimes joined forces to establish the architecture and design firm, Atelier & Co. in 2009, they made a deliberate choice to create a design studio that prized hand-drawing and painting as a core practice. 

Both Richard and Jason are trained as architects, and their interests and backgrounds encompass a broad range of architectural and design experience—from Baroque to Modern and Residential to Institutional. Within the past several years the firm has expanded into the areas of interior design, graphic design, branding, and identity. 

Richard is the visionary behind Atelier & Co. His broad knowledge of architectural history and practice, coupled with an inexhaustible curiosity about art and its broader context, fuels his work. He is the co-founder of both the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art and The Beaux-Arts Atelier, the Institute’s full-time foundation program. In 2013 he received The Arthur Ross Board of Directors Honor Award from the ICA&A.

Jason is Atelier & Co.’s Creative Director. In addition to his training as an architect, his many years studying fine arts—with a concentration in painting and ceramics—inform his aesthetic sensibility and bring an exquisite hand-crafted approach to his creative work. He is the co-founder of Atelier & Co, and a member of the Interior Design Society.

Atelier & Co takes enormous pride in the quality of the design work it produces. Meticulously executed drawings and paintings play an integral part in developing, refining, and finalizing all of their projects. Approaching architecture as an artistic discipline also includes close collaborations with a number of highly skilled craftsmen, vendors, and consultants to ensure each project is executed at the highest levels of quality for its clients.

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