Washington University in St. Louis

Phase II of the New Engineering Quadrangle of Washington University in St. Louis' ground has been broken and webcam is up and running.  The Engineering School's new home was designed by Richard Cameron and Jason Grimes in collaboration with RMJM, NYC.

Great Gate Rendering: Richard Cameron. 4/2010


Graphic Design Studio

ICA&CA Summer Exhibition Guides


Selected works from students, members and faculty of the ICA and Grand Central Academy are on display at the ICA&CA through July 2nd. The exhibit includes work from both Richard Cameron and Jason Grimes and was curated by Richard Cameron and Andy Taylor.


Studio Wish List

Studio Wishlist: Truck Furniture

While we're in the process of reworking the studio space we thought we'd take the time to: blow the budget, dream bigger than the space allows, over indulge (at least visually) on some not-so-typical choice studio accoutrement.
We've run up against one problem: the company is based in Osaka.  With the incredible shipping cost, I've developed a serious case of chair envy.

Les Metalliers Champenois

Les Metalliers Champenois was kind enough to give us a tour of their enormous workshop in Patterson, New Jersey.  As incredible of scale the Statue of Liberty is, their repusse work is hands down the best being produced anywhere in the world today -and that, sadly is a small amount.

From the L.M.C. website:
Since 2007, Les M├ętalliers Champenois (LMC Corp.) is a fully US owned and operated atelier, continuing in America the ancient European and American tradition of fine ornamental metalwork. In 1984 following historic achievements in the field of landmark restoration with projects like the Chateau de Versailles and the ornate gates on the Place Stanislas in Nancy, LMC was entrusted with its crowning and most visible achievement to date: The recreation of the Torch and Flame for the Statue of Liberty, which now stands with A. Bartholdi’s original vision of a gilt torch that had, until then, never been realized.
The LMC atelier, equipped with modern machinery and old age hand tools, is holding high the legacy of the ancient trade of metalwork. Next to its hot forging gas and coal furnaces and anvils, the atelier of repousse works – one of the few still existing in the world – produces the delicate – and time-consuming – rosettes, water and acanthus leaves that constitutes the trademarks of outstanding metalwork.
Selected images from the studio:

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“The Princely Pallace of the Sunne stood gorgeous to beholde on stately Pillars builded high of yellow burnisht golde,  Beset with sparckling Carbuncles that like to fire did shine.  The roofe was framed curiously of Ivorie pure and fine.The two doore leaves of silver cleare a radiant light did cast: 
But yet the cunning workemanship of things therein farre past.  The stuffe wherof the doores were made.  For there a perfect plat Had Vulcane drawn of all the worlde:"

The.XV.Bookes of P.Ovidius.Naso, entytuled Metamorphosis, translated oute of Latin into English meter, by Arthur Golding Gentleman.