Anyone Need Custom Cards?

Richard had some time on his hands, a stack of business cards, a sepia pen and a paintbrush. This is the outcome:


Atelier & Co. Real Estate Help

This "2 bedroom" in Brooklyn Heights had seen better days--and better layouts. We were asked by the realtor what was possible, with a few requests:

The perspective buyer needed more storage, a better configured kitchen and a true foyer to arrive in--rather than a hall that flowed into a living room that flowed into a bedroom... 

A little formality with the addition of a few walls created a sense of entry and defined a sequence of rooms that now make this 2 bedroom livable and allow the owner to formally entertain. The now ample galley Kitchen can be closed off or to serve through. The Master Bedroom storage was neatly disguised in a wall of cabinetry and the apartment's only bath is now accessed through an anti-room off the public space--rather than going through the Master bedroom.

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Great Moments in Rejected Design: Greenwich Residence

Our designs get thrown out, revised and passed on every day. Some for the better--but not always. The project below is part of our ongoing blog series that digs through the Atelier flat files to share design that would otherwise never see the light of day. Enjoy!