THINGS ORGANIZED NEATLY featuring Atelier & Co.

Things Organized Neatly, the tumbler of all things organized neatly, recently posted a photo our compass collection. Check out the link below.


Save the NY Public Library

Save the New York Public Library
Ripping out the stacks is not the answer

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The Girl Who Would be King

Our Office Director, Kelly Thompson, has been moonlighting behind our backs (not really) and is self publishing her first novel. 

Support her via her Kickstarter, which hit its goal in under 30 hours.

Nice work and Happy Birthday Kelly!


Rome in Blue

RICHARD CAMERON SKETCH BOOK Pencil, guasch, waterolor on blue paper

La Dolce Vita

"...attractive people who were doing attractive things in attractive places."
 -Slim Aarons.

Call us vain but sign us up. Slim Aarons and 1940's Italy? Yes Please.

Available for preorder on Amazon.


Taccuino di Roma (Rome Sketchbook) pt 2

Taccuino di Roma (Rome Sketchbook)

Richard's back from Rome and we're raiding his sketchbook. In this case a classic pocket molskin. First up, the Raw Sienna sketches.


ROMA DAL DIRIGIBILE -1926 by Marchesi

Major find in Italy. a 16 card set complete with fancy box of photographs taken from a dirigibile in 1926. That means city blocks blocking the Vatican, cable cars, horses and a lot of dirt and cobblestone roads. Incredible!



Richard stopped by Deyrolle, the acclaimed taxidermist shop in Paris, in search of a butterfly for his daughter. Excuse the photo quality, these were iphone spy shots. 

Since 1831, the house Deyrolle offers nature lovers collections of insects and shells , and stuffed animals of all kinds of natural curiosities and educational materials for teaching the natural sciences, whose famous "planks Deyrolle" , which hung on the walls of the school.

Today the shop is even more beautiful than ever, with many mammals of large size, wonderful stuffed birds and natural wonders as beautiful as they are astonishing.

Deyrolle since April 2010 has been awarded the "Living Heritage Company" . This label, a mark of recognition from the Ministry of Economy Industry and Employment, stands nearly 800 companies for their excellent handicraft or industry expertise. With this know-how these companies mark their membership in the national historical heritage.

Fritz & Goeldel

1st DIBS LUST: I can't get enough of this Fritz and Goeldel table from 1894. Cast iron base, well aged wood top and articulated side arms... $3,400 doesn't sound that bad.


Big Mike and the Horse


Day 3 at the Campidoglio in Rome, Italy with the Students of the Beaux-Arts Atelier

For Sale: Sir Edward Lutyens' Heathcote

Sir Edward Lutyens' Heathcote (1908) is for sale in West Yorkshire. Lutyens is believed to have said 'this house was for a very rich man who could not spend money: until he met me.' Sanmicheli inspired Classicism with Arts and Crafts character atop 4 acres of gardens by Gertrude Jekyll -any price is a steal.


Alexander Creswell in Alhambra

"I'm off to the Alhambra to start work on my next major piece: my largest watercolour yet at 4 metres 12 ft) across. First, a couple of days careful drawing on site and a few maquettes to limber up for it. A bit of sunlight too." - Alexander Creswell