Why Rome? An Eternal Question

Almost every year someone asks me the question: ‘Why Rome?’

They usually mean why do I go there almost every year. The answer to the question is larger than that though­–why Rome after in the end for all of us? Why Rome for the artists of the renaissance, for the Grand tourists, for the Ecole des Beaux-Arts for two centuries.  The simple answer is that since the study of art is the study of its great masterpieces. There is a higher concentration of those masterpieces in Rome than anywhere else in the world. This series of posts is going to focus on the many trips I’ve made over the years with students and colleagues, and some of the less well-known and less easily accessible masterpieces we’ve visited and drawn. I hope you enjoy them! For those of you who have been on these trips, or who have seen these places, please send me any photos or sketches and we’ll post them in the follow-up section. The tradition continues with the Beaux-Arts Academy in Utah. For details of this year’s trip see the links below.

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