New Traditional Architecture:

Ferguson & Shamamian Architects: City and Country Residences

Our first reaction to the New Ferguson and Shamamian Architects monograph is that it's pretty incredible (of course aside from it featuring some of Richard Cameron and Jason Grimes' work within). The book is enormous 248 pages, 15" x 12.5" and weighing in at 7lbs.  The home spreads are true Architecture porn: homes of the unmentionable rich and famous, plans, technical detail drawings, full bleed photography by some of the worlds best Architectural photographers.  Mark and Oscar really outdid themselves, as did Rizzoli.

Amazon can fill you in on the details:

These exceptional houses—distinguished by their classical style and artistic integrity—represent the highest level of design and craftsmanship, fashioned for historic taste. A return to classicism and traditional styles has been widely observed in the world of architecture and design, and the houses in this volume represent the finest examples of new design based on historical precedents. These stunning residences are graced with regional character, impeccable craftsmanship, and classic beauty. Collaborating with leading landscape designers, decorators, and artisans, architects Mark Ferguson and Oscar Shamamian have produced homes that—whether country estates, suburban houses, or city apartments—are exquisite examples of timeless design for those who are inspired by historic styles. With lush photography capturing the allure of these of exteriors, interiors, and details—as well as original drawings and plans—the book will appeal to architects, interior designers, and homeowners with an eye for fine design and anyone wishing to be inspired by the poetry of history. Recognized by Architectural Digest in 2010 as being among the most important and influential architecture firms at work today, this beautifully illustrated volume presents Ferguson & Shamamian's finest work, including new houses, apartments, alterations and additions, and unbuilt design plans. Each of the nineteen homes featured in the book will be presented in detail, with full color photography and project descriptions written by the architects themselves. Eleven unbuilt projects will be represented by drawings, and eleven alterations and additions will be included in an appendix.      

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