Atelier & Co.

Atelier & Co. takes its name from the old French word for an artist’s or craftsman’s studio. We practice architectural design as a fine art in the traditional way and we collaborate on our projects with other architects, artists, and craftsmen—hence the ‘& Co.’ in our name. Our work is always inspired by the great architecture and design of the past and is rooted in the idea that beauty and comfort should always coincide in a good design.

We work closely with clients and draw every aspect of our projects by hand—from initial sketches and renderings to fully developed design drawings. While we employ digital techniques in our work they are always secondary to our hand drawing. We see the computer as a useful but limited tool in the designer’s repertoire.

Our design sensibilities are eclectic in the best sense of the word—wide-ranging but discriminating. We take our inspiration from the best of what our broad knowledge of architectural and design history and culture makes available to us. Ultimately we draw all of our inspirations from our clients’ dreams and demands, and we leave each project with the belief that we have served our clients best by letting them move into the buildings they have dreamt about.

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